A High Tech Tower of Babel

tower of babel

Below is a paper I wrote for a writing class after reading the February 21, 2011, Time magazine cover article about Ray Kurzweil’s life and ideas.

A High Tech Tower of Babel – More False Gods in the Making

There’s a growing movement in the world today called Transhumanism that’s comparable to the Bible’s Tower of Babel found in the book of Genesis and the false god and idol creating practices of the ancient Israelite’s and pagans in the Bible’s Old Testament.  Transhumanists believe humans will merge with computing machines by 2045 and transcend the limits of human biology. As a result of this merger, the world’s problems will be solved, immortality will be achieved, and a friendly, Artificially Intelligent (AI) god or gods will be created capable of leading us into all knowledge we will ever need to know.

Transhumanists base their predictions on the exponential growth of computing power which more than doubles every year. History clearly shows this upward growth is picking up speed. At a certain point, computing power and technological growth will explode into what’s called the singularity where every aspect of human life will be irreversibly transformed for good or, possibly, for evil, as some warn.

What the world and life will be like in the singularity, nobody can really say with certainty the experts readily admit. They do admit, however, that there are grave risks, such as more deadly wars, and, that humans as known today will likely become extinct as humanity evolves into the new man/machine hybrid. There’s even the risk that a malevolent godlike super-being could evolve and hasten the demise of all inferior mankind that is not technologically     enhanced.

Will man be able to solve the world’s problems and attain immortality through a technology he has created without the assistance of the true God who created man? The Bible clearly says no. Most everybody, who has read the Bible, remembers the Tower of Babel. There God was forced to scatter and confuse the language of the people because their common language and technical skills had become so great that nothing they planned to do would be impossible for them. This is certainly an apt description of what the scientific and technological elite of today are doing. Utilizing a common scientific language, they are steadily accumulating vast amounts of technical knowledge and disseminating it via the World Wide Web and Internet.

Many of the Transhumanists are making great names for themselves as well as large fortunes pushing their ideas and philosophy unto the unsuspecting masses. Likewise, the Tower of Babel’s builders sought to make great names for themselves as well as the large fortunes that follow such endeavors. Transhumanists are also trying to reach their version of heaven the same as those early Babylonians.

Most Transhumanists are atheists. When asked if God exists, many Transhumanists will answer not yet. In other words, a god or gods are being created through the Artificial Intelligence and will arise during the singularity they prophesy. This is comparable to the false god and idol creating warned against by the true God throughout the Bible. This will be the ultimate in false gods and idols man has ever built in history if they succeed.

Transhumanists see the religions of the world – other than their own Transhumanist religion – as irrational and dangerous and as hindering scientific advancement. They hope new techno-therapies will emerge so these “God delusions” as they call them can be erased or deleted from human consciousness. These new techno-therapies will more than likely become a brand new tool in psychiatry’s war chest against so-called “mental illness” and likely to cause greater harm to humans than all the past techniques they’ve used that have failed. Confinement under cruel and unusual conditions in psychiatric prisons, lobotomies, electroshock, and highly addictive and toxic psychotropic drugs have all caused immeasurable damage to humans. The new techno-therapies will be the ultimate in mind control and the policing of human behavior.

But the big question still remains. Can man attain the spiritual knowledge necessary to utilize his inventions practically and safely before it’s too late? Instead of transcending our God created bodies and brains, creating false gods that will do us great harm, and succumbing to a system that sounds like the beast power out of the book of Revelation, could man possibly harness computing power to increase a right knowledge and practice of God’s word and restore a Garden of Eden like existence to the world where peace and harmony reigns supreme?


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