Quantum Computing – Science’s New Ouija Board?

After watching this video, these quantum computers appear to be nothing more than super-sophisticated Ouija boards. The science behind this, if you can call it science, is seriously lacking. Multiverse, Many-worlds, parallel universes, parallel realities are not objectively provable or demonstrable in a laboratory. This stuff is more like science fiction designed to captivate the human imagination. Before using quantum computers as a platform, for building a superior to human intelligence, the physics or science of these machines needs to be fully understood. Commonsense requires it.

From a religious point of view, believers in the God of the Bible are fully aware that there is a spiritual world. God the Father  and His Son live in heaven in a spiritual realm of existence. Satan also occupies a spiritual realm where demonic spirits operate to cause harm to humans. See, for example, http://www.ucg.org/booklet/there-really-devil/satans-work-our-world/spirit-worlds-dangerous-dark-side/. The Bible tells us we should connect to God through prayer, meditating on the Scriptures, and putting Scriptural truths into practice, and the Bible tells us to avoid connecting to Satan’s spirit world through mediums and spiritists. Deuteronomy 18:10-11. These new, more powerful  quantum computers, sound a lot like a medium to the spirit world to me.

Ray Kurzweil is also doing work with the new quantum computers in order to simulate the human brain towards his Artificial Intelligence (AI) goals. Kurzweil is the man who believes he’s building a god out of these machines and that we need to merge our minds with them in order to become immortal gods ourselves. I’m sure the National Security Agency (NSA) loves this merging the mind idea. They’re into quantum computing too, and would just love to know more about you and your activities than just mere phone records.

I’m sure Satan would like a full or permanent connection to the human mind as well. With this type of connection, he could plant more sophisticated false ideas to more severely harm humans. One such big lie I believe Satan is currently trying to plant is that we can turn ourselves into machines and become super-intelligent and live forever. We would then become Satan’s new creation and God’s creation, the old human model, would become obsolete.  Evolution wins!

Notice at about 11:10 into the video Geordie Rose says its an awe inspiring thing to stand next to the quantum computer and that it feels like an altar to an alien god. If humans merge their minds with these quantum computers turned-into-god-machines, they could end up serving Satan as the new god.

In Jeremiah 31:37 God warns us that He will reject all of humanity if the heavens can be measured and the foundations of the earth searched out.  I take this to mean exploring outer space and mapping it out fully, and exploring the subatomic world and mapping it out fully. From my understanding of quantum computers, it’s the exceedingly large numbers that outerspace and subatomic physics produces that quantum computing is good at. Geordie Rose mentions in the video that better exploration of space is likely to come about with quantum computers. But is this a wise endeavor in light of the Scriptural warning? Shouldn’t we seek to solve more practical problems such as eliminating poverty and achieving economic equality for all? Or restoring a Garden of Eden like existence to earth? We don’t need any new weapons systems or security systems to destroy and oppress life and we don’t need to be ruining any new earth like planets with this type of technology.

The video below describes yet another possible scenario that must be considered. The only solution to this madness is for man to merge his mind fully with the God of the Bible for the sake of survival. For the written version of the video, see http://www.infowars.com/skynet-rising-google-acquires-512-qubit-quantum-computer-nsa-surveillance-to-be-turned-over-to-ai-machines/.


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